Vision Lift Handle

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The patented Vision Lift Handle operates all Vision™ latching systems. The handle is available with a push button, a tool operated insert, a round cylinder keyed to differ or keyed alike or prepared for a 40 mm profile cylinder or oval cylinder.

The handle is spring loaded and pops out when it is unlocked or the push button is pressed. Since the locking mechanism is not a part of the actual handle, it is very comfortable to operate.

Cylinders and inserts are covered by a sliding dust cover. IP65 waterproof according to NEMA 4.

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Product Data Sheet
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DishGlass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30)
HandleZinc die cast, black powder coated
InsertZinc die cast, chrome plated
Pivot shaftZinc die cast, zinc plated

The lift handle fits into a cut out similar to Version C, but with an additional Ø 4,5 mm hole on top. Suitable for door thickness 0,8-3,5 mm. When viewed from the outside, the right hinged version has a pivot shaft that rotates counter-clockwise when opening.

The left hinged version rotates clock-wise when handle is opened.

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A product number is created by combining the figures in each column (AAAA-BBCDEF-GG)
1510Flat rod system
1511Cam and round rod system
BB Insert / Cylinder
01Square 6
03Square 7
05Square 8
07Square 8 / slotted
11Square 8 / Recessed
14Triangle 7
15Triangle 8
16Triangle 10
22Double Bit 3
24Double Bit 5
29Slotted, recessed
32Hexagon 11
34Recessed hexagon 8
35Recessed hexagon 10
36Recessed hex 8/3mm pin
80Keyed to differ
81Keyed alike IL101
82Keyed alike IL0333
83For profile cylinder
84For Oval Cylinder
90Push button
C Surface treatment insert
0For cylinder and push-button versions
2Chrome plated
6Black powder coated
D Protection degree
E Surface treatment Handle
6Black powder coated
9Silver powder coated
F Model
0For right hinged door
1For left hinged door